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Now one of the world’s leading online legal resources, Nolo seeks to demystify the day-to-day legalities of running a small business. It includes posts on how to create better habits, strengthen creative thinking, increase physical performance, and sustain optimal health and lifelong learning. The core thesis is any business in its formative stages will grow immeasurably if its owners improve these aspects of their personal lives, too.

Improve Consistency –One of the biggest reasons that most business blogs fail is that brands are often not consistent with their publishing schedule. By working with an agency, you can make sure that your blog is updated on a consistent basis. The main reason why blogging is such an effective relationship building tool is that blog content has the ability to provide real value for consumers. Unlike traditional marketing that directly tells consumers to buy something, blogging helps consumers understand why they need the product or service and how it can add value in their lives. In addition to creating more indexed pages, blog posts also improve your opportunity to receive more inbound links.

Effortless HR is an all-in-one employee management system, and their business blog chronicles content around the people side of business. Some of their most authoritative content is about compensation, customer service, emergency planning, hiring, labor laws, and employee training.

Even if you employ an in-house or freelance copywriter to draft your blog posts, knowing how to create great copy is important. It helps you generate new blog topics, improve blog quality, and tailor messages to your customers. Following blogs is a great way to pick up tips and information to take your company to the next level. You only want relevant marketing and expertise, offering new ideas and ways to increase your business that will leave you inspired and ready for more.

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  • Their app is still being trialed in an early-access beta program, but their business blog produces great content on topics like e-commerce and how to manage an online business.
  • Recent posts cover payroll tools for construction-business owners, how to thrive in business as an introvert, and the essentials of creating an online store.
  • Their most popular posts cover influencer launch case studies, audience-building tactics that actually work, and how to create content that converts visitors into paying students.
  • As the website’s name suggests, Chargeback is an app that’s designed to help businesses simplify their chargeback management and reduce the risk of chargebacks.

The sales section contains posts that aim to give actionable advice on topics like becoming a successful sales development representative, how to align marketing and sales at your start-up, and more. His covers an eclectic range of topics he’s written about over the past couple of decades, although new content is published infrequently. Guy has written 13 books, all of which are covered in detail on his blog, including access to his two Skillshare classes and several TED talks he’s delivered. Nolo began publishing DIY legal guides for small business owners in 1971, long before the company became a business blog.

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If you want to increase your business savvy, these insightful business blogs can give you the information you need to run a company — MBS not required. Buffer saves companies time on managing their social media interactions. You can schedule posts, track post performance, and manage all social media from one central system.

Get Results– Another important part of maximizing thebenefits of your business blogis measuring and tracking blog analytics and then using this data to improve your content. An agency employs data experts who can help you make strategic decisions about blog content. Leverage Talent– Some businesses simply don’t have someone on their team with the talent or skillset to write quality blog content. Working with an agency helps you create better content by leveraging the talent of professional content writers.

Work It Daily, an online-learning platform, provides career support for people who want more out of their careers. Their business blog focuses on work and people within an organization. Topics range from managing millennials to networking and growing within your career track. Indeed is predominantly a site for job posts, so it’s appropriate that their business blog is primarily about employment, job seeking, and human relations. The main post categories chronicle the best places to work, case studies of successful teams, employer branding, HR best practices, and small-business hiring.