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@Arda Jailbreaking was ruled legal by Library of Congress under interpretation of DMCA. DMCA has provisions for Fair luigis mansion emulator download Use which have been hotly disputed or making backups of your DVD’s.

You arguably have to build something to bypass that technological measure. By comparison, the DVD manufacturers put in an encryption method onto the video content, so that even if you copied it, you have another "technological measure" to go through. So the DMCA gives some arguable protection to decrypting video content that CDs don’t have. @Arda backup / archival is legal, according to fair use.

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  • But, since it has a few extra features, Open Emu can be at times very unstable and may close unexpectedly.
  • Time where the game was paused/off or the runner was taking a break will not be subtracted from final times for any reason.
  • Save data must be visibly cleared before every attempt, and footage of the save data being cleared must appear in the run submission video.
  • The common definition in GSC for "beating the game" (i.e. Any%) is defeating Red in Mt. Silver.

@Jon Because there is no "technological measure" preventing you from copying the CDs. It’s something that your computer was designed to do.

On 12 October 2013 (4.0-155), Direct3D 9 support was removed from the project, leaving Direct3D 11 and OpenGL as the two remaining video back-ends. The Dolphin Team explained this, stating that the plug-in was "inherently flawed" and that trying to evade its several flaws "wasted time and slowed development." As of February 2009, the software was able to successfully boot and run the official Wii System Menu v1.0. Shortly after, almost all versions of the Wii system software became bootable. Dolphin was officially discontinued temporarily in December 2004, with the developers releasing version 1.01 as the final version of the emulator.

The courts have been arguing over which is stronger, fair use or the DMCA. But, If you don’t break an encryption or other technological measure, backup is very clearly, totally legal. e.g. if I have an encrypted Blu-ray disk, it’s legal for me to make a backup / archive of the encrypted form of the blu-ray, because I’m not overriding a technological measure. The same rule generally applies to directly copying a ROM.


The developers later revived the project in October 2005. Browse other questions tagged support legal allowed-answers . Whoever is saying "The Nintendo page says it is so it is" is full of crap. As far as I know, as long as you own the cartridge you can get the rom.