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What I’m saying is, if Miyamoto thought this game sucked, I’ll trust his judgement. The very definition of “rad”, NBA Jam arrived in 1994 with fully licensed teams, incredible graphics and an endless supply of highly quotable sound clips. The game’s exaggerated style of 2-on-2 basketball filled with gravity-defying special moves made it a pioneer in the genre and its extreme take on sport has arguably never been bettered.

Little hand-drawn dino-dude shits eggs and flutters about the place, carrying baby Mario to freedom. Because he understood that even in 1995 being a full-time parent is a revolutionary act in the face of the corrupt and unfair wage labour economy.

Super Mario Kart was still limited by the SNES’ hardware, so as a result, Nintendo had to create a believable racing game with 2D graphics. Whilst Super Mario World put players into a 2D platforming world with friendly faces and bright, welcoming colors, Super Metroid went the complete opposite direction. This was released as StarWing for us European idiots, which didn’t even make sense because foxes don’t have feathers.

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  • It’s true – they were only one of three current teams to operate under the umbrella of a company instead of an individual entrepreneur.
  • Match three of the same color and smash, they all disappear.
  • Winning Run was their second one, and offered arcade-style baseball action headlined by the Mariners’ most popular player at the time, good old Ken Griffey Jr.
  • He finally retired last year, though, so if Nintendo ever did move forward with another baseball game it might have to be promoted by another young superstar instead.

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Anyway, it was a great on-rails shooter with a cool perspective and looked proper “next-gen” before that was even a thing. The kind of game you were jealous of if you had a Megadrive. Nintendo threw everything at this oddity; a westernised, real-world, simple RPG with cartoon graphics and satirical aspirations.

Final Fantasy VI was also known as Final Fantasy III in North America. There’s a lot of debate surrounding which Final Fantasy game is the best. However, if you were around when Final Fantasy VI released, you’re more than likely to agree with me when I say Final Fantasy VI easily deserved a top five spot.

Everyone says they love it now and praise it for being a classic, but on release and after five years of development it hit the shelves with all the grace of a Hall of Meat inductee. Yoshi rules and this is the game that put him on the map.