Our Top Ten Best Resident Evil Games Ranked In Order


The Resident Evil series consists of at least 24 matches and at that library there are are some true masterpieces and awful stinkers. So, I will deliver to one of the definitive collection of all Resident Evil games. Well, technically but I am pretty sure I’m right.


It breaks my heart a bit to place this low because I really do like this match. There are a few cool story playing and beats both Chris and Claire Redfield has been a lot of fun. I like the art style, a slightly unfamiliar feeling with striped inspiration was a nice departure for the show without a doubt gave Capcom the idea to begin that the Devil May Cry series. There were a couple mistakes though. Primarily, this title prioritised battle a little too far for my liking and the story, while interesting, was somewhat too complex for its own good. It dropped into the timeless Resi trap of faking out the villain’s death a lot of times.

9. Resident Evil Outbreak/File #2

By their own virtues, these matches are behind Code Veronica. There are a couple shortcomings in these titles that surely make them worse than Code Veronica however there are a number of unexpected strengths. The most important one to me was enjoying as a wide variety of characters. Possessing distinct skills and story reasons for every single character being there is a wonderful concept.you can find more here https://romshub.com/roms/gamecube/resident-evil-4-usa from Our Articles

There are huge differences between playing for a cocktail waitress and enjoying for a cop, that really is something modern games don’t dare attempt. The locations were awesome remixes of this series along with the zoo degree in Outbreak 2 is extraordinary. The restricted multiplayer and virus system (Enforced time limit) let down this series and stopped it becoming truly amazing.

8. Resident Evil: 0

Oddly this sport is regarded as a somewhat lacklustre entrance. I found it caught the spirit of this series a whole lot better compared to Code Veronica failed and the gameplay systems were really intriguing. Resident Evil 0 needed a”Partner Zapping” program that let you swap between 2 characters very quickly. This system divided fans but I found it made for a fantastic mystery system. The change out of a product box, to falling items anywhere, hurt the sport but overall it is a powerful title.


This game certainly shocked me. Coming out during the summit of gaming, I was worried that Capcom’s choice to discharge this episodically is a bad one. Capcom were in a lull in the time and also episodic gambling has turned into a trend but despite the processors being piled, Revelations 2 turned out quite well. There were some shaky moments but, during its summit, it’s one you do not want to overlook. Additionally, it has a intuitive split-screen co-op system which demands co-operation.

6. Resident Evil 3 (Initial )

I was a brave enough kid to play through the first 2 Resident Evil titles but 3 required it to another level. Each time the frightful Nemesis exploded onto the display, I had to reserve to another area. Taking all of the best elements of their previous names and mixing them into the bud with a few new ideas, was a recipe for success. It’s hard not to be impressed by this game and also the remake is on its way very soon indeed.


Do you understand what is cool? Ghost ships, ghost ships using zombies. Coming from nowhere, in a time where Resident Evil was falling, Revelations was a excellent surprise. Releasing on the 3DS gave it an excuse to utilize the system for a few effective loopholes and taking place in a cramped area worked miracles. The story was also interesting and expanded on the world in several unexpected ways. Even more striking was that it was able to transition into consoles and PC, yet still keep its atmosphere. Do not miss this one.


Despite being among the best adventures games of all time, I feel such as that position may be too large. I can hear you screaming at me”That is Number 1!” However, it’s not. It’s a brilliant game but it feels as though”Leon on Holiday: The Game”, the free ties to the show are appreciated and I enjoy the oddball tone however because a Resident Evil game, it’s not so great.

As a match, however, it’s difficult to deny its remaining power. If a game has a forced escort assignment as a major game system and can nevertheless be considered a superb match, which should certainly say a lot, right? It’s also out on every system it is possible to imagine, so check for yourself.

3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Envision an E3 trailer, it’s tense, creepy and mysterious. It can’t possibly be Resident Evil correct? BOOM! The trailer ends with a Resident Evil 7 show and the crowd loses it. There has not been a great Resident Evil game in years and this can be one coming out and in VR?

The central focus of this storyline concerns a family contested from the outbreak and the impact it had on them. This is a excellent departure and leads to quite a different match. The change to some first-person perspective opens up completely new scares and enjoying in VR is really a game-changer. The problem of a lack of enemy variety is unsatisfactory but that is 1 hell of a match.


I’d wager most people have performed this is a kind by now, so I will aim this towards absolute beginners. Here is the sport you begin on. Not due to the storyline but due to gameplay. It’s obsolete beautifully but it’s aged. There are difficulties with the game that would not really stand now but it’s a vital game. The beautifully crafted scares continue to be powerful to this day and the visual design is something which remains with you. This is a real masterpiece of horror.

1. Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

If I was to count the first version of the sport it’d either take the top spot, or slide behind the remake of the first match. However, Capcom decided Resident Evil 7 would not be the end of the new established victory and published the highly anticipated movie of Resident Evil 2. This magnificent love-letter changed a fair bit of gameplay along with a bit of this story as well but everything was for the better. What stayed was a masterclass in game style, a high benchmark for artwork plus a zombie tale that aged like fine wine more than 20 decades.